Jerzy Nosek


I'm available for projects as well as potential employment opportunities.

(+48) 516 669 386


By mixing a conceptual approach and documentary photography, I investigate the social and economical landscape in the era of dynamic geopolitical and cultural change. The place where I am from played an important role in my creative consciousness. Coming from an industrial region, the impact of foreign, kind of unsuitable industrial infrastructures on space has always been in the circle of my fascination.

Born in 1987 in Olkusz. Graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in the field of Graphics — specialization, Graphic Design. He was awarded several times for his diploma work, which is the main goal was to design a typeface to standardize aircraft registration marks. He gained his design experience working on the development of visual identities for individual clients as well as cooperating with creative agencies. Currently, a multidisciplinary freelance designer, photographer who uses many media in his practice, works on his account, co-creator of the Slovian's design collective.

Collective Exhibitions:
2021 —  Atlasy Nowych Topografii – Rybnicki Festiwal Fotografii, Rybnik
2021 — Atlasy Nowych Topografii, Galeria Centrala, Poznań
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Collective Publications:
— Investigations in Infrastructure, publisher: Subjectively Objective
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— Everything is Narrative, publisher: Subjectively Objective
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— Take or Make Magazine – Issue no.1, publisher: So In Law,
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— Atlasy Nowych Topografii – Exhibition catalog, published by Fundacja Fotspot

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